Talking with Simon

The Rocking Self-Publishing Interview recorded earlier is online!

A month ago Simon Whistler, of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast, interviewed me. I blogged about it then saying it would be available in a month. That month has gone by quickly. Today Simon released podcast episode number 142, with me as the guest. It is available now on iTunes, and the Rocking Self-Publishing website. The conversation covers a variety of topics from my own path to a writing career, to marketing and critique groups.

Simon, originally from England, currently lives in Prague in the Czech Republic. While still in school he sought an alternative way to make money, instead of doing the usual minimum wage service industry work. That led to narrating books for a small press, then freelance work and, eventually to the Rocking Self-publishing podcast.

This program has become a source of education and inspiration for the indie writing community. Previous guests are a Who’s Who of successful indie writers, Chris Fox, Ethan Jones, Bobby Adair, Mark Dawson, Scott Nicholson and many more. Every week I listen to the new show, and just finished listening to this last one. I’m really happy that I didn’t sound like a nervous twit.

I’m hope listeners will find the show a worthwhile addition to a very helpful podcast. Thanks, Simon.

Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

I just finished being interviewed by Simon Whistler of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast.

Simon Whistler

To paraphrase how Simon starts each program, he interviews successful self-published authors so that his listeners can learn and follow. When I discovered the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast a couple of years ago, I went back to the first show, and listened to every episode. By listening to the interviews I learned many techniques for indie-publishing and writing in general. I think every author would benefit from listening.

Simon and I shared a few emails over the last couple of years, but I never thought that I had the sort of compelling story that he often featured on his podcast. Then, recently on his program he asked for people with an interesting journey to self-publishing to send him an email. I decided to let Simon determine if he was interested in my story, and I sent him an email.




That led to more emails and today’s hour long interview. The podcast is scheduled for release on March 24th. I’ve asked Simon to answer a few questions. If he has the time to respond, I’ll add his input to a new blogpost announcing the release, and linking to, the interview.