The Internet is down

Well, at least at my house.

As I write this, the service has been down for eight days. Fortunately, the phone part of the service still works so I’ve been able to call (nag?) my provider, CenturyLink.

Author Kyle Pratt writing at The Station in Centralia

Author Kyle Pratt writing at The Station in Centralia

I have DSL service through CenturyLink. That’s the only option I’m aware of for high-speed Internet.  The service comes over the same copper wire that the phone uses, and is much faster than dial-up (which I had before) but it does go down every once in a while, usually for just minutes or a couple of hours.

Now CenturyLink is saying they’re waiting on something called a DSlam and have no estimate for the restoral of service.

As a writer, I’m online all day. So, for the last several days I’ve traveled to The Station Coffee Bar and Bistro in Centralia and done my marketing, and social media work there. Maybe the big monopoly CenturyLink doesn’t appreciate my business, but The Station seems glad to see me.

A Meeting with Robin

I enjoy talking with students interested in a writing career.

Kyle Pratt and Centralia High School senior Robin McGrew

I spoke on the topic writing as a career in the digital age at Centralia High School back in November. On Thursday, I met with Robin McGrew, a senior at the Centralia, at The Station Coffee Bar in Centralia. Robin is thinking about writing as a career. We spoke for nearly an hour during which I told her that writing is a tough career to get started in, but I love it. I advised her, as I do with all novice writers, to connect with an effective critique group and hone her craft.

Robin, I hope you get an “A” on the assignment, and I wish you the best of luck as you start on your career. 

Planning for the Conference

We’re already planning the next Southwest Washington Writers Conference.

Julie Zander, Scott White and Andy Skinner

Julie Zander, Scott White and Andy Skinner

The rains came down hard and steady today, but still I ventured to downtown Centralia for a meeting at The Station Coffee Bar & Bistro across from the Fox Theatre. It seems to be something of a hangout for local authors. Lately, I’m there at least once a week to meet with other authors. Planning for the 2016 Southwest Washington Writers Conference bought me out on this rain soaked day. Over warm drinks, I met with fellow writer Julie Zander, Andy Skinner from the Lewis County Historical Museum, and Scott White of the Historic Fox Theatre Restorations.

Much of the planning for our local conference is done. New York Times bestseller author Jennifer Lauck will be the keynote speaker and will teach three workshops. Bestselling author and Christy Award winner Leslie Gould will teach a workshop called “Romancing Your Novel.” I will be teaching a workshop with bestselling author Carolyn McCray on indie publishing. Several other workshops will be announced soon.  

Planning today centered on finalizing the schedule, getting the registration page of the website ready and approving the new logo. We hope to have everything up and ready by the end of the month. For more information visit the Southwest Washington Writers website and, if you’re going to be in this area on September 17th come by and visit. It’ll be a fun day!