Through the Storm Audiobook


The audiobook of Through the Storms is now in production.

Sean Patrick Hopkins

A few days ago I signed Sean Patrick Hopkins to narrate and produce the Through the Storm audiobook. Sean is a New York-based actor and Audible approved producer. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and his resume includes movies, television, off-Broadway and regional theatre credits.

The normal routine when making an audiobook is for the narrator to provide the first fifteen minutes for approval. This allows the author a chance to ensure the narrator has the voices, accents, and pronunciation correct. Sean did this perfectly and I’m thrilled to provide that clip from the book here. This will be my ninth story available as an audiobook and you can sample all of them on this special audiobook page of the website.

If all the production and post-production edits and checks go smoothly (as I expect they will) listeners can expect to see the Through the Storm audiobook available on Audible in early December. About a week later it will be released on iTunes.

I’m excited to hear the complete audiobook and hope you are also!

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Audible Prepper Promo

Audible is having a member’s only sale and featuring my novel Through Many Fires.

From February 17th until Saturday, February 20th at 11:59 PM you can buy two great audiobooks for one credit. This is an Audible.com members only sale, and you must have one credit, or more, available in your account.

The complete list is here and, in addition to Through Many Fires, includes Ashes of the Unspeakable, by my friend Franklin Horton and classics like The Earth Abides, by George R. Stewart. I already have Franklin’s book so I bought, 77 Days in September by Ray Gorham, and The Perseid Collapse by Steven Konkoly.

If you’re an Audible member and interested in post-apocalyptic action-adventure novels this is a great time to buy some books.

New Audiobook Release!

The Braving the Storms audiobook is now available.

Braving the Storms audiobook by Kyle Pratt

Narration and production of the audiobook edition of Braving the Storms took less than a month. Even the Audible quality review seemed to go quicker than it had in the past. I certainly expected everything to go smoothly with the talented Kevin Pierce behind the project. This is Kevin’s third production for me and my fifth audiobook overall.

The unabridged audio production of Braving the Storms is eight hours and eleven minutes long. It is currently available through Amazon and Audible and will soon be on iTunes.   

You can see all of my audiobooks here, on my website.   

Braving the Storms Audiobook

My fifth story will soon be available as an Audiobook.

A few weeks ago on December 18th, the paperback and ebook editions of Braving the Storms, the third book of the Strengthen What Remains series, were released.

Kevin Pierce the voice of Strengthen What Remains.

Even before the December debut, Kevin Pierce, the producer for both Through Many Fires and A Time to Endure, agreed to continue his role as the voice of the series. Kevin is a respected, Audible-approved, producer and narrator of both fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.

Through Many Fires, my first book to be released as an audiobook, came out just over three years ago. Now Braving the Storms will be my fifth. You can listen to samples of all them here.   

Yesterday, Kevin sent me the first chapter of the Braving the Storms audiobook for approval. Click on the embedded app to hear that first chapter. We expect the full audiobook to be completed and available on Audible and iTunes by the end of the month. When that happens, I’ll announce it here, on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Listen to A Time to Endure

My latest novel, A Time to Endure, has just been released in Audiobook form

A Time to endure was already available in paperback, and as an ebook on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. With the announcement this morning the novel is available on Audible.com and will be on iTunes by the end of this week.

I’d like to thank Micah Hansen for the covers of both Through Many Fires and A Time to Endure and Kevin Pierce who reprised his role as the voice of the series. I’ve already started the third book in the series and hope to have both back on the team again.

My first novel, Titan Encounter, was released in July of 2012. As of this morning I have four books out as audiobooks and ebooks. Three have also been released as paperbacks. In addition to selling in the United States, the novels sell in Canada, Britain, Australia and ten other countries.

All of that has occurred in less than three years. I still shake my head in wonder of it all.

Titan Audiobook

Titan Encounter, my bestselling science fiction space adventure, will soon be available as an audiobook.


The actor Jeffrey Fellin has agreed to produce and narrate the novel. Jeffrey has extensive experience in both film and theater, but is relatively new to book narration.  Currently he has only one other title on Audible, the zombie apocalypse novel Carrier. However, his voice was right for the character of Justin Garrett, the protagonist in Titan Encounter.     

Micah Hansen, the graphic artist for all my books, has completed the audiobook version of the Titan Encounter cover. In addition to ten other book covers, Micah has designed covers for music CDs and logos for business.

The Titan audiobook is expected to be just over five hours long and is scheduled for release an April 5th on both Audible.com and iTunes.


The Best Laid Plans

Events in October did not move as quickly as I hoped. A few projects went well, but most will take more time. Here is the rundown.

The audiobook version of Through Many Fires is now available. I expected it to be released in October but it didn’t become available until two days ago. Still, I am happy that it is on the market.

All of my books are now available on Smashwords, the leading distributor of indie author books and they will be handling U.S. and international distribution outside of the Amazon network. However, I thought all of my books would be distributed via Smashwords to Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo ereaders in October. It now appears they will roll out during November.

I didn’t plan to release my books on Google Play this month, but when my youngest son mentioned it we checked it out. Both Titan Encounter and Through Many Fires are now available on Google Play. Final Duty should be available soon.

Click here for more information about any of my books.   

So it is clear now that many of the projects that began in October will culminate in November and then I can devote more time to writing the sequel to Through Many Fires.

Audiobook Released

The Audiobook version of Through Many Fires was released today!

We started working on the audiobook of Through Many Fires on September 15th. We listened to audition tapes, had a cover designed and finally asked Kevin Pierce, a well-respected narrator and producer to handle the actual production. 

Screenshot of the page on Audible.com

My wife, Lorraine, took on the job of listening to the hours of reading, suggesting needed changes and then listening to the reading a second or third time. As you can imagine, this took several weeks. We then turned the project over to Audible.com for final technical checks.

Through Many Fires is now available in paperback, Kindle, online in most other ereader formats and as of today as an audiobook. It will soon be available on Nook, Kobo and Google Play.

Click here to go to the Through Many Fires page on Audible.com.

As I post this on the blog I leaned over and checked this project off of the list beside my desk. Tomorrow I start the next project.


The Sound of Through Many Fires

Through Many Fires Audiobook

Kevin Pierce

Kevin Pierce

Yesterday I finalized an agreement with Kevin Pierce to produce and narrate the novel. With over fifty projects completed, Kevin has produced more titles using the Audible.com marketplace, ACX, than any other individual producer. His narrations span the spectrum from fiction to non-fiction books. Topics include crime, entertainment, self-help, science fiction, survival, politics and more.    

Within minutes of reaching an agreement with Kevin, I contacted Micah Hansen, the graphic artist for all my books and got him started on the audiobook cover. In addition to ten book covers, Micah has designed covers for CDs and logos for business.

The audiobook version of Through Many Fires will be released November 1st on both Audible.com and iTunes.