Passengers is a PG-13 hard science fiction movie directed by Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game), and starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Five thousand passengers and crew are asleep in hibernation pods aboard the starship Avalon on a 120 year voyage to planet Homestead II. However, just thirty years into the trip, a malfunction awakens passenger Jim Preston (Chris Pratt). Later Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) awakens. Unable to return to hibernation, the two face living the rest of their lives together on the ship as it travels in deep space. However, the problem that awakened Preston remains and is a growing danger to the ship. They will need to risk their lives or everyone may die.

In addition to Pratt and Lawrence both Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne, have roles in Passengers, but the film still has one of the smallest casts I’ve ever seen for a big budget production. That being said, I think the bartender, played by Sheen, steals some of the show.

As often happens, during the second act the plot takes a twist. This one involves Preston in an act of desperation. How you feel about that twist will determine how you view the remainder of the movie.

Passengers offers little that is new to the science fiction genre, but the plot is good, it’s well acted and the CGI is first rate. Despite my issue with Preston, I found myself dwelling on the many issues raised by the movie for several days. Even now, when I think about the last scene of the film, it evokes emotion. If you’re a science fiction fan I think you’ll enjoy the movie.

Recommendation: Buy the ticket and see it in the theater.