Ultraviolet is a dystopian science fiction action thriller film written and directed by Kurt Wimmer. It stars Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright, and Nick Chinlund. The movie is rated PG-13. Click here for a detailed examination of the film’s rating.

Released in 2006, Ultraviolet went almost immediately to DVD. That should have told me all I needed to know, but I thought it might be interesting.  

The film takes place in a dystopian future after a pandemic that causes vampire-like symptoms. Those infected can live for twelve years and during that time they are very strong and heal quickly. The government decides to exterminate infected individuals in order to contain the virus. All this is backstory; the film begins after most infected individuals have been killed.

That premise isn’t bad, but Ultraviolet follows the plot like a 2006 video game, with second-rate acting and cheap CGI.  Another review referred to this movie as a “disposable adolescent” fantasy, I couldn’t agree more. 

Watching Ultraviolet left me feeling like I was gazing over the shoulder of a teenager playing an elaborate video game, but of course, I wasn’t. However, Ultraviolet does appear to have been created for the young male, game playing audience.  If you like seeing a young attractive woman, Milla Jovovich, in tight pants engage in stylized (The Matrix) style combat, this film is for you.

I came away from this film wondering why, with all the good Science Fiction books on the market, any group of people would decide to invest millions of dollars making this movie.  Then I checked and discovered it did make a small profit.  Some part of my faith in humanity died.       

Perhaps this would be a good dollar rental on a slow night with high school or college friends, but as a fan of serious science fiction, I can’t recommend it. Recommendation: Don’t bother.