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As a recent subscriber to my newsletter, and a reader of my books, I want to make sure you’re happy.

One way I do that is, if I can give you something—I will.

The book featured here is titled Final Duty—The Speculative Fiction Anthology. It is a collection of various works of mine ranging from several short stories, a novella and excerpts from two of my novels. The ebooks is divided into four parts.


Part One – The Alien War

Final Duty: The novella that leads off the anthology begins with, "Thrown from her bunk, Lieutenant Amy Palmer awoke as she hit the deck and rolled across the small compartment. Coming to a sudden stop against the bulkhead she tried to understand what happened. An explosion?"

Twenty years after the death of her father during the Battle of Altair, Lieutenant Amy Palmer returns to the system as an officer aboard the reconnaissance ship Mirage.  Almost immediately disaster strikes and Amy, along with the crew of the Mirage, must face the possibility of performing their final duties. Final Duty is a 15,000 word novella set in the same universe as the other two short stories in this part.


Part Two – Other Short Stories

Doppelganger Smile:  As a child I enjoyed watching a program called The Twilight Zone. It provided my young mind with a multitude of short story ideas. I still enjoy writing them, but most publishers aren't interested in individual short stories--so I give them away. Doppelganger Smile is a 6,000 word story about a drowning woman who wakes up on a strange island.

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Part Three – Excerpts from my Novels

Through Many Fires – The Prologue and Chapter One

Terrorists smuggle a nuclear bomb into Washington D.C. and detonate it during the State of the Union Address.  Caden Westmore is in nearby Bethesda and watches as the mushroom cloud grows over the capital.  The next day, as Caden drives away from the still burning city, he learns another city has been destroyed and then another.  Panic ensues and society starts to unravel.

Titan Encounter – Chapter One

Justin starts one morning as a respected businessman and ends the day a fugitive wanted by every power in the known universe.  Fleeing with his 'sister' Mara and Naomi, a mysterious woman from Earth Empire, their only hope of refuge is with the Titans, genetically enhanced soldiers who rebelled, and murdered millions in the Titanomachy War.  Hunted, even as they hunt for the Titans, the three companions slowly uncover the truth that will change the future and rewrite history.


Part Four – About the Author

This section includes a short biography on me, the author, and a list of social media sites and contact information.


Final Duty—The Speculative Fiction Anthology normally sells for 99cents, but I make it available free to newsletter subscribers. 


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