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I’m working on the last two chapters of a sidequel to Through the Storm—but I need your help with the title. If you’re willing to help you might win a signed first edition copy of this yet unnamed story.

Below is the back cover blurb for the new book.


“A Humvee parked in front of his house couldn’t mean anything good.”

The new book is a sidequel to Through the Storm

After camping with his oldest son, Major Dirk Franklin comes home to find a Humvee parked in front of his house. His wife, Carol, tells him the news channels are talking about a storm on the sun. Moments later he’s whisked away to a secret military facility in Portland. There, Major Franklin and others prepare for the collapse of society.

As the world sinks into darkness, Franklin fights to save his family and the last threads of civilization.

 What's a Sidequel?

This new book is a sidequel, but what exactly is that?

Actually, sidequel isn’t a word, yet, but increasingly it is used to describe a book or movie in which the story-line has characters from another work and events happen at, or about, the same time as the original. Think of it as similar to a television spin-off.

So, a sidequel isn’t a prequel, because it doesn’t happen before the original book. It isn’t a sequel because it doesn’t start after the original work, therefore the need for the new term, sidequel.

In this case, my new story happens at the same time as Through the Storm and uses some of the same setting and characters.

Read the Opening Chapters

If you want additional information read the two chapters below. These chapters are unedited drafts that, almost certainly, have errors.

Day 0

Day 1

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Complete the survey and help me choose the title of the novel. One lucky respondent will win a signed copy of the novel when it is released.

The three question survey should take less than one minute to complete. Click on the link to begin.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8V83SG5