Nightmare in Slow Motion (Book 4 - Strengthen What Remains)

A "sidequel" Novelette in the Bestselling Post-Apocalyptic Thriller


About the Series

As police officer Peter Westmore helps with the evacuation of Seattle, terrorists explode a nuclear bomb.

In my novel A Time to Endure we glimpse the end of Peter’s life. In that novel his brother Caden is on a mission to destroy gangs and terrorists living on the fringe of the Seattle blast zone. During the fighting, Caden goes to his older brother’s abandoned home and discovers Peter’s body and two letters. The contents of one are revealed in A Time to Endure. The other is not.

Nightmare in Slow motion is the full story of Peter’s last days.

Reviewers Praised the Story

NSM Goodreads Review 1.png

Although this is a short story, it packs a powerful punch. It also allows the reader closure in knowing what happened to Peter and Leon. Most highly recommended. -  Off Grid and Loving it! (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer) 

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