Recall the Earth

The Guardian Knights of Terra - Book 2

About the series

Recall the Earth is the second book in the Guardian Knights of Terra series. Immediately upon release, the novel soared onto Amazon science fiction, steampunk, bestseller list. At the same time the first book in the series, Seekers of Earth, was also on the steampunk bestseller list.

The third book in the planned five book series, Return to Earth, is scheduled for release in late 2019.




About Recall the Earth

Recall the Earth is the second book in the Guardian Knights of Terra series. In the first book, Seekers of Earth, Lucas Baldwin encounters a lunatic girl while advancing through a captured facility. Only later does he realize that the girl, Rachel, is speaking English, a long dead language. Rachel talks of an Earth still in existence and more advanced than the horse-and-buggy world that had supposedly been destroyed.

In Recall the Earth, Lucas’s sister, Katherine, smuggles Rachel to their home planet in the Devon system, but when they arrive, Prince Draven and the soldiers of Nightwatch wait to kill them.  

Seriously wounded in battle on another world, Lucas has no idea of the danger facing his sister and Rachel, or that the Valac are fighting to surround his home world. His entire family may die before he can do anything to save them.

But stories of Rachel and Earth are spreading, even as Nightwatch strives to arrest or kill all those who learn the truth.

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