Race to Refuge (A standalone post-apocalyptic story)

It’s time to bug out!

University of Washington students Ryan Palmer and Amy decide to bug out of Seattle when international tensions threaten to boil over into a world war. In normal times their journey to Ryan’s childhood home in rural Idaho would take less than a day. But these aren’t normal times. As they travel supplies become scarce, gasoline becomes impossible to buy, people panic and nuclear war erupts. Together they must confront their worst fears as they fight to reach home and refuge.

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Even before it was release, Race to Refuge climbed onto the Amazon short story bestseller lists. On the day of its release Race to Refuge reached the number two spot on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story List. The next morning it reached the number one position on the science fiction list and the number ten spot on the literature and fiction list. Race to Refuge continued to hold top ten positions for the next three weeks.

Reviewers Praised the Story

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