Seekers of Earth

The Guardian Knights of Terra - Book 1

About the series

Released on March 17, 2017, Seekers of Earth is the first book of the Guardian Knights of Terra series. Within days of release the book soared into the top 100 of the Amazon science fiction, steampunk, bestseller list. Three weeks later, on April 7, 2017, the second book in the series, Recall the Earth, was released and immediately soared onto Amazon science fiction, steampunk, bestseller list. 

The third book in the planned five book series, Return to Earth, is scheduled for release in late 2017.


About Seekers of Earth

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

Lucas Baldwin, the young son of a powerful lord, is on his first deep space training mission. Advancing through a captured facility he encounters a lunatic girl about his age. Only later does he realize that the girl, Rachel, is speaking English, a long-dead language. Rachel talks of an Earth still in existence and more advanced than the horse-and-buggy world that had supposedly been destroyed.

Seekers of Earth is a 38,000-word introductory novella to the Guardian Knights of Terra series.

All his life Lucas has been taught that more than three hundred years ago, pre-industrial Earth was destroyed by the advancing Valac hegemony. The Mage, a benevolent and highly-advanced race, were able to save a few thousand people. These surviving humans are offered sophisticated technology in return for their help in the fight against the Valac.

Humans have become the guardians of the Mage. But now Lucas wonders if the history he has been taught is all a lie—but such thoughts are treason.

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