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A Time to Endure

Strengthen What Remains, Book 2


The exciting saga of Major Caden Westmore continues with A Time to Endure, which will be released on December 12, 2014.

In the first book Through Many Fires: Strengthen What Remains, nuclear terrorism destroys six American cities. Caden struggles to get home across a stricken, terrified nation.


In the second book, A Time to Endure, the nation’s economy teeters on the verge of collapse. The dollar plunges, inflation runs rampant, and the next civil war threatens to decimate the wounded country. In the face of tyranny, panic, and growing hunger, Caden struggles to keep his family and town together. But how can he save his community when the nation is collapsing around it?

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Through Many Fires

Strengthen What Remains, Book 1


Through Many Fires is the bestselling novel of nuclear terrorism and one man’s journey to home and family.

Terrorists smuggle a nuclear bomb into Washington D.C. and detonate it during the State of the Union Address.  Army veteran and congressional staffer Caden Westmore is in nearby Bethesda and watches as a mushroom cloud grows over the capital.  The next day, as he drives away from the still burning city, he learns that another city has been destroyed and then another.  America is under siege.  Panic ensues and society starts to unravel.

Through Many Fires soared to #10 on the Amazon Kindle science fiction post-apocalyptic list in August of 2013 and remained on it for the rest of the year.   

Titan Encounter

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Justin starts one morning as a respected businessman and ends the day a fugitive wanted by every power in the known universe.  Fleeing with his 'sister' Mara and Naomi, a mysterious woman from Earth Empire, their only hope of refuge is with the Titans, genetically enhanced soldiers who rebelled, and murdered millions in the Titanomachy War.  Hunted, even as they hunt for the Titans, the three companions slowly uncover the truth that will change the future and rewrite history. 

Titan Encounter is Kyle Pratt’s debut science fiction space adventure.  This novel was on three Amazon Kindle bestseller lists during August & September of 2013! -- The science fiction time travel list, religious science fiction and fantasy list and the Christian futuristic list.

Final Duty - The Speculative Fiction Anthology

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Twenty years after the death of her father during the Battle of Altair, Lieutenant Amy Palmer returns to the system as an officer aboard the reconnaissance ship Mirage.  Almost immediately disaster strikes and Amy, along with the crew of the Mirage, must face the possibility of performing their final duties. 


Final Duty is a 15,000 word novella set in the same universe as the other two stories in this anthology.