Titan Encounter

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About Titan Encounter

"Justin awoke from the nightmare of flashing red lights, whooshing air and voiceless screams only to realize it was not some dark fantasy of his subconscious, it was one of his earliest childhood memories." That's the first line of my debut science fiction novel, Titan Encounter, released on July 21, 2012.



Justin starts one morning as a respected businessman and ends the day a fugitive wanted by every power in the known universe. Fleeing with his 'sister' Mara and Naomi, a mysterious woman from Earth Empire, their only hope of refuge is with the Titans, genetically enhanced soldiers who rebelled, and murdered millions in the Titanomachy War. Hunted, even as they hunt for the Titans, the three companions slowly uncover the truth that will change the future and rewrite history.


Reviewers Praise the Novel

On three Amazon Kindle bestseller lists during August & September of 2013! -- The science fiction time travel list, religious science fiction and fantasy list and the Christian futuristic list.

“If you like high adventure set in a futuristic backdrop, this novel is for you.” - Roger Colby author of The Transgression Box


"I read this cover to cover on a long plane flight over the Pacific ocean. Am definitely getting the sequel." - Neil (Amazon Review)


“A must-read page turner!” - Walter Helmke (Amazon Review)

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