The Storm Rises

The Solar Storms Saga - Book 0

About the series

Six storms churn and boil on the surface of the sun. These storms grow over several weeks until they encompass an area fifteen times the size of Earth. Gradually, the superheated mass reaches a temperature of over ten million degrees Celsius and explodes as a solar flare.

Much of the plasma falls back to the sun but, on the edge of the magnetic fields, several planet-sized clouds are snapped like a whip, break free of the sun’s gravity, and hurtle into space. These coronal mass ejections hit the earth producing a Carrington-like event that knocks technology back more than a hundred years. 

About The Storm Rises

The Storm Rises is the exciting introductory sidequel to the Solar Storms Saga.

“A Humvee parked in front of his house couldn’t mean anything good.”

After a camping trip with his oldest son, Major Dirk Franklin comes home to find a Humvee parked in front of his house. His wife, Carol, tells him the news channels are talking about a storm on the sun. Moments later he’s whisked away to a secret military facility in Portland. There, Major Franklin and others struggle to prepare for the coming collapse of society.

As the world sinks into darkness, Franklin fights to save his family and the last threads of civilization.

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