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Post-Apocalyptic Novels & Novellas

No vampires, werewolves or zombies; in my post-apocalyptic novels, I explore current world threats facing humanity, nuclear terrorism, economic collapse, pandemic, war, and electromagnetic pulse. I figure that with all those threats, and more, I don’t need vampires, werewolves, and zombies.

Be sure to check out my best-selling Strengthen What Remains series starting with Through Many Fires, and my latest novel in the genre, Through the Storm.


Science Fiction Novels & Novellas

The first novels I read were space science fiction stories and after a twenty-year career in the navy, writing military science fiction seems a natural fit. I use the experiences gained while on board navy ships to set the tone and feel for my starships.

My latest books are Seekers of Earth and Recall the Earth in my Guardian Knights of Terra series.


Audio Books

Every year more people listen to book rather than read them. They listen while at home, commuting, walking or jogging. Because of that I’ve pushed production of my novels as audiobooks and have created this special page for the audiobook listener.

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Short Stories

Like many authors, I started out writing short stories and I still enjoy them—but they don’t sell well. So, as time went by, I found that I had a growing list of these stories sitting on my computer.

Today, you can buy them for 99 cents each, or you can sign up for my newsletter and I’ll give them to you.

These stories include my debut short story, Grandma's House