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My Raffles & Contests Page!

One of the things I enjoy about being an author is giving away copies of my books to people that read and appreciate them.

Of course, I can’t give everyone copies of my books.

So, I try to find fun and interesting ways to distribute the books that I can give away. One of the methods I use is running contests.

Scroll down the page for a description of the books I’m giving away and below that is the contest entry form.

Thank you for reading and entering!

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for more information

Win a Signed Paperback

Is there a book I’ve written that you have just never gotten around to buying?

Well, now is your chance. Enter this Rafflecopter contest to win a signed copy of any paperback novel I’ve ever written. At the top of the page I’ve created an image scoll of possible titles which include;

Through Many Fires

A Time to Endure

Braving the Storm

Strengthen What Remains Combo

The Storm Rises

Through the Storm

Seekers of Earth

Recall the Earth

Titan Encounter

Click on the links or book covers above for additional information about each story.

Strengthen What Remains

This month I’m doing something a bit different. I’m giving away five books in the bestselling Strengthen What Remains series, in a Rafflecopter contest and each of the five winners gets to decide which book in the series they want.

The books available are:

Through Many Fires

A Time to Endure

Braving the Storms

Nightmare in Slow Motion

The Long Way Home

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